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Gantzer Water is now Clarity Resources Group. This change pays homage to our history while better showcasing our wider range of services and aligns with the results our clients have come to expect. Come with us on this exciting journey as we keep providing clarity.

Our Innovative Product

Oxygen Saturation Technology (OSTTM)
See how OST<sup>TM</sup> can impact your water quality.

See how OSTTM can impact your water quality.

From lakes and ponds to wastewater, canals, horticulture, and more, OSTTM can transform low oxygen, high muck water into clean and oxygenated ecosystems.

Services We Offer

Oxygen Saturation Technology (OSTTM)

Take a look at our patented design to see how it can revolutionize your aeration and water quality experience.

Sediment Oxygen Demand (SOD)

SOD is the rate at which dissolved oxygen is used in water. We can accurately test these parameters to see how much oxygen your water needs.


Want to get a custom quote or discuss the best technology for your situation? Want a custom design or solution? Or maybe you just have questions? Get in touch with our team of experts.

Oxygen and Aeration: Our Process

Step 1

Our team will work to understand your specific needs, any challenges, and your end goals.

Step 2

We will create a recommended plan of action to target your key goals and create a detailed proposal.

Step 3

We will coordinate with you to implement the design/water quality strategy that fits your situation..

Step 4

We will continue to support and monitor your system to help you achieve the best results possible.

Take a Look at Our Testimonials

“We chose (Clarity Resources Group) for their vast expertise across the country with various systems. Then we chose them again… for their responsiveness and ability to work with a wide variety of people.”

-Barbara Fischer 

“I would recommend Clarity Resources Group because of my positive experience with Paul Gantzer. He has provided us with a good design and then provided us with operational support and he’s been responsive and has a vast knowledge and experience across the country with these types of systems.”

-Barbara Fischer 

A Few of Our Clients

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What is OST (Oxygen Saturation Technology) and how can it help your organization? OSTTM is an innovative and revolutionary design that increases dissolved oxygen (DO)

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